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Easy decorating tips to transform your home

Here at The Slate Yard, we're creating the new rules of renting. Rule no. 6 is to get creative, and here's some tips to do just that. 

At The Slate Yard, we encourage all our residents to get creative and put their individual stamp on their apartment, because we understand that for somewhere to really feel like home, you’ve got to make it your own. That's why getting creative is one of our new rules of renting.

From refreshing rooms with paint, adding interest with decorative accessories or experimenting with lighting, here are some easy ways to completely transform your interiors and make them feel more like home.

Get painting

One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to refresh and revitalise a space is to give it a lick of paint. Whether that means giving drab, washed out walls a splash of colour, lightening up dark, shaded areas with neutral tones or creating a striking feature wall, it can give your home an instant lift.

Before you start, make sure to get testers of the colours you like in order to see how they will look in the room and ensure you find the perfect colour. So what are you waiting for? Paint brushes at the ready.

Add detail with accessories

If you would like to add some more interest and detail to a room, it’s definitely worth investing in a few new accessories. Anything from cushions, to artwork and vases can inject a bit of colour and personality into a space and give it a new lease of life. Equally, choosing more understated pieces with intricate detailing can add a sense of simplicity and sophistication.


For interesting pieces that will give a room a unique style and focus, check out Ferrious Online in Manchester. With interesting ornaments and stunning lighting, you are bound to find your wow factor.

Use rugs

To soften hard floors or create intimacy in a space, why not add a rug? Experiment with different colours, patterns and textures, such as wool and linen, and be as bright and bold, or subtle and understated as you like. Rugs have the ability to add interest and warmth to an area, not to mention they can feel lovely under foot too - especially when you want to snuggle up at home in the evenings.


The Rug Seller has a huge collection of designer, bespoke and classic rugs for indoor and outdoor use. Based in Trafford, they are worth checking out for some really fancy flooring options.

(Katherine Carnaby Chrome Rug in Mushroom by The Rug Seller)

Consider lighting

Lighting can often be overlooked when it comes to home decor, but it is an extremely important consideration. It can be hugely impactful; transforming your interiors at little cost.

If you are challenged for space, then investing in quality lighting to brighten up an area can really maximise a small living space and make it feel much bigger. Table lamps, wall lighting and spotlights can be used to illuminate particular areas of interest or features and create a focal point in a room. Lighting is also a fantastic way to add ambience to an area.


We love these beautifully handcrafted designs by Manchester-based Neb Abbott. Unique, stunning and give a delicate, interesting extra element to any room.

(Lanterns by Neb Abbott)

Go green

Incorporating houseplants can not only be beneficial to your health as they help to purify the air, but they can also liven up a room. So, add a flash of green with a potted plant or a splash of colour with a bunch of fresh flowers and create a cool, fresh ambience and turn your home into relaxing green paradise.


Why not keep it local and take some time to visit Hulme Community Garden Centre? Full of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants their friendly staff will help turn your living room into a room filled with life.

We hope that with these home decor tips you’re feeling inspired to get creative and transform your home.


Residents at The Slate Yard can use our handyman to help them to redecorate or do it themselves, it’s just one of the ways we’re redefining the rules of renting.

To find out more information about renting at The Slate Yard, please contact us on 0161 672 5755 or visit our website.

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