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Slate Yard interior designers KIBRE explain their vision behind the scheme

With work completed on The Slate Yard’s interior design, our wonderful team behind the vision, KIBRE, give us a first-hand account of their idea behind their stylings, their thoughtful design choices and what they think you will absolutely love! 


What was your vision for The Slate Yard?
As interior designers for the ground floor lobby, amenity areas and apartment furnishings we wanted to create a relaxing environment where residents would feel at home, a space that allows them to meet new people, work and have fun. It is important to us that the design relates to the neighbourhood and the history surrounding it, whilst always considering the needs of those most likely to live at The Slate Yard.

So your inspiration for the look was inspired by the surrounding landscape?
Our inspiration definitely took account of the local history and the architecture of other buildings in the surrounding areas. There is a strong semi-industrial feel which we have reflected through materials such as exposed concrete, rough-sawn bamboo flooring and metal in the residents' lounge. But we also wanted to refine the design by incorporating modern touches, consistent with New Bailey’s growth, which we have achieved through contemporary lighting, bespoke joinery and furnishings.

Did you have a focus on comfort?
Definitely! Comfort was a major consideration for us. We wanted to make sure everyone felt happy spending time at The Slate Yard, with the option to chill out and relax. The residents' lounge was designed with the vision of creating a community space for the enjoyment of the residents and their friends. The design of the apartment furnishings was also tailored around comfort and creating a homely environment to live in, providing different finishes to appeal to everybody.

What do you think people will love about the apartments?
The comfy king size beds with padded squishy headboards, the large comfortable sofas and the unique design of the overall furnishings throughout. In each home, you’ll also find a great level of innovation within the design – sofa arms can be replaced, all sofa cushion and bed headboard covers can be removed and washed/replaced. This extends the lifecycle of the furniture and allows residents to refresh the look of their home as and when needed, which we hope will encourage people to stay for as long as possible.

Are you excited for people to move in and see your vision?
Yes, we can’t wait! It’s hard to believe how quickly it has come around. We are really excited that we get to watch things continue to evolve at The Slate Yard and witness residents enjoying the living spaces and environment we have created. We are also looking forward to a celebratory team game of billiards when the place is completed!

And that’s it
If you have any questions about The Slate Yard’s design or amenities, please do get in contact here. If you want to make an enquiry about The Slate Yard contact us, or drop us a line on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Check out Kibre's instagram feed @kibre.interiors, kibre.co.uk

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