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Four Virgin Media-exclusive box sets to enjoy with The Slate Yard

One of the wonderful benefits of living at The Slate Yard is the free Virgin Media base package of 100Mbps fibre broadband in your luxury apartment. We couldn’t imagine living somewhere without broadband, and we’re not about to let you go through that either. It is 2017, after all.


The best way to enjoy your free broadband with The Slate Yard is to catch up on all the best Virgin Media-exclusive box sets. Here are some of our favourites:

Guest starring Golden Globe winning actress Uma Thurman, Imposters is a fantastically witty comedy series following the story of Richard and Ezra who realised they have both been fooled by their ‘wives’ who turn out to be the same woman. She goes on the run with their money and they’re on a mission to get it back! A massively popular show in America, Imposters is now exclusively available in the UK on Virgin Media.

In the world of mixed-martial arts, blood is always thicker than water. This Virgin Media-exclusive box set has become a firm fan-favourite the world over as the engrossing, thrilling and complex drama throws out bitter rivalries and dark secrets. It makes for a sucker punch of a show that will have you coming back for more. This one isn’t for the kids.

Magic City
Seasons one and two of Magic City are also now exclusively available on Virgin Media. Set in 1950’s Miami Beach, Magic City follows the life of Ike Evans, owner of the Miramar Playa hotel during Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba. A fast-paced drama, this faux-documentary style series will have you on the edge of your seat with every episode!

Billy & Billie
Another top Virgin Media box set is Billy & Billie, a show which follows the tumultuous but hilarious love lives of step-siblings Billy and Billie, who are actually dating! Part of a new anti-romance trend, Billy & Billie, starring Adam Brody and Lisa Joyce, touches on relationship taboos in an amusing and endearing way. If you’re looking for a quirky, easy-to-watch comedy series, this is the one for you.

Sound good?
If you’re keen to chill out in your very own luxury apartment right in the heart of the city centre with super-fast broadband and all the best Virgin Media-exclusive box sets on offer, get in touch today and book your tour with us!

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