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5 ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine

These days, our lives are extremely busy. City life especially can be fast-paced and full on, with so many work and personal commitments. Sometimes, it can be difficult not to get caught up in it all, and when you’re feeling stressed or overstretched, exercise is often the first thing to be compromised.

But it’s important to take care of yourself with a healthy diet and lifestyle, including regular exercise. Exercise has many health benefits, including reducing heart disease, improving mood, regulating stress levels, aiding sleep - the list goes on. But being more active doesn't necessarily mean spending hours in the gym, which many of us would struggle to do.

Here’s how to be more active in your daily routine without really trying. So not having enough time is no longer an excuse!

1.Get walking

Yes, it’s nothing new, but we all know that walking is seriously good for you. One of the quickest and easiest ways to squeeze more exercise into your day-to-day life is to simply walk more. It’s great for burning calories without any serious effort, so ditch the car where you can and opt for a brisk walk instead.

If it’s too far to walk your entire commute to work, try getting off a couple of stops earlier on the bus or tram and walking the rest of the distance. You’ll be surprised how even just a 10 or 15 minute walk can clear your mind, get your blood pumping and prepare you for the day ahead.

2.Use lunch breaks wisely

Those with desk jobs will know how easy it is to idly sit and eat lunch at your desk, especially when you’ve got a busy day with deadlines to meet. However, regularly skipping lunch breaks can leave you feeling even more stressed out and result in a serious mid-afternoon energy crash. Find yourself desperately reaching for more caffeine or craving a sugary treat to get you through the afternoon? Then try this instead:

Going for a short, brisk walk in the middle of the day or booking onto a lunchtime fitness class is not only a fantastic way to give your brain a well-deserved rest during a busy working day, but you’ll also feel refreshed and energised for the afternoon ahead.

3.Always take the stairs

When it comes to being more active, every little helps. Whether that’s opting to take the stairs instead of the lift, finding a parking spot far away from your building or taking the longer scenic route, small changes like this soon add up and can make a big difference to your activity level and overall fitness.

4.Schedule it in

Nowadays we live by calendars, so treat your exercise like an appointment you can’t miss. Just as you would schedule an important meeting, schedule in when you’re going to exercise throughout the week. This will make you more accountable and less likely to forgo exercising because you’ve carefully planned ahead and allocated your time.

5.Make it social

Finally, if you struggle to motivate yourself when it comes to exercising, try working out with other people. Exercise can be more fun with friends, so book onto a gym class or make a gym date with a friend and combine exercising and socialising to make it more enjoyable and feel less like a chore.

Following these five tips, no matter how busy you are in your daily life, you can still manage to get moving and feel much better for it.

At The Slate Yard, healthy and happy living is important to us, that’s why we’ll be offering our residents access to brand new gym facility opening in July 2018 at no extra cost.

Also, did you know that Rock Over Climbing is just a 20 minute walk away from The Slate Yard? The Slate Yard residents will get special deals, with a free induction, tea and coffee on arrival, £5 entry and 50% off a 3-week beginner course, so you can build your climbing-confidence!

To find out more about renting at The Slate Yard, please get in touch today on 0161 672 5755 or visit our website and let us take the hassle out of moving in.

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